We Won’t Let You Suffer in the Heat

We Won’t Let You Suffer in the Heat

Let our Yakima, WA technicians repair your A/C

Dealing with a broken air conditioner can be awful, especially when the temperatures are through the roof. If you have a broken down AC system on your hands, you can count on Upper Valley Heating & Air to address it. We can repair all brands of air conditioning systems. We even offer retrofitting services.

Dial 509-697-6096 now to schedule a repair service for your AC system.

3 common AC issues to be aware of

Air conditioner problems are pretty common. When yours goes down, it’s not the end of the world. We’ll do what we can to find a lasting solution for your AC problems. Here are a few common issues we can confront for you:

  1. Blown fuse
  2. Dirty filter
  3. Refrigerant leak

Consult Upper Valley Heating & Air about your air conditioning problems today.